Terms and Conditions

General and legal information for visitors and tenants.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Energy Performace Certificates (EPC)

The Green
The Fairway
Druim Mor
1 Parcview
2 Parcview

We’ve been advised that due to the lack of natural gas on the Isle of lewis, it is impossible for a house to attain an “A” rating and only the newest of houses will get a “B”.

Landlord Registration

StayAroundStornoway landlord registration number. 5208/235/28360

Damp & Mould Guide

We’ve had call outs before to tell us the roof is leaking when in fact it has been tenants drying clothes! Moisture from cooking, showering, kettles, clothes drying etc., has to go somewhere. It normally condenses on the windows, or any cool surface, culminating in mould forming.

Damp and mould handbookHandbook

Druim Mor welcome manual

Druim Mor General information

Welcome Manual
AT5s & Guides

AT5 should, technically, be issued before you get a Tenancy Agreement.
Guides to what an AT5 is:

AT5 Form and AT5 Guidance Notes


Safeguarding Tenancy Deposits:
A tenancy deposit scheme is a scheme provided by an independent third party to protect deposits until they are due to be repaid. Three schemes are now operating:

Letting Protection Service Scotland
Safe deposits Scotland
My deposits Scotland

If a tenancy deposit scheme is applicable, normally in the case of a tenancy of 6 months or greater, StayAroundStornoway uses My|deposits Scotland

Central heating

A few notes about the central heating:

Central heating

Disclaimer sheets all houses

Stay Around Stornoway


The owners of this house, or any of the following houses, will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage to, or loss of, vehicles or personal possessions.

  • 142 Newmarket
  • Druim Mor
  • 1 Parkview Terrace
  • 2 Parkview Terrace
  • 24 Airidhean Ur
  • 2 Airidhean Ur

It is the responsibility of all guests and tenants to ensure the safety of their own items.

Disclaimer Notice
Short Assured Tenancy: Docs & Guides
Safety Cards

“No Smoking” signs, safe cooking guidance, what to do in the event of a fire, medical emergencies etc.

No Smoking A5
No Smoking A4
The Green
The Fairway
Druim Mor
1 Parcview
2 Parkview

Bin Collections

Includes collection schedules for each village in which we have houses.

Black Wheelie Bins

Blue and Green Recycle Bins

Fire notices: hallway, stairs & landing



Please keep hallway, stairs and landing free of all luggage and any other obstacles that may hinder an emergency escape.